Advance Energy Solutions

Advance Energy is a technology company specialized in Research & Development, Design and Deployment of Smart Grid Solutions, Energy Monitoring and Asset Management Systems and Micro-Grid Integrators for Solar and Wind Farms.

Our Vision

“To Innovate, Develop and Execute, ‘The State of Art’ advanced energy optimization and automation solutions to the industrial customers, renewable energy applications equipment manufacturers and electrical utilities to improve their energy utilization, productivity improvement and asset monitoring & management.”

Our Location

Corporate Office & Design Center

227, S Pollard St, Vinton, VA – 24179, USA
Ph: (540) 566-5685

Assembly & Testing Location

301, S Pollard St, Vinton VA – 24179

What are we about?

Advance Energy is specialized in providing design, development, and deployment of the next-generation Smart Grid Solutions for Solar and Wind Farms.

Our Feature Products & Services

• Renewable energy system optimization solutions.
• Protection Control Panels for Solar and Wind Farms.
• Customized automation solutions for productivity improvement.
• Energy optimization for industrial customers.
• Electrical Control Panel Assembly and Testing Services.

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Our Core Strength

  • Our Engineering Team has vast experience in design, testing, and operation of Transformers, renewable energy Systems, and substations with high standards for reliability and quality. 
  • Our Engineering analytical tools enables us to validate the electrostatic, electromagnetic, and the mechanical structural integrity of the products through simulation.
  • Our Supplier assessment program assures the best quality & the long reliability of our approved suppliers.
  • All our products come with 3 years warranty.
  • Our Engineers are available 24/7 to provide technical support through Video conferencing.

Our Service Strengths

We Want Happy Customers

Our strengths is our our engineering and experience in renewable energy substation, design, field install and asset management.
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Friendly and Knowledgeable

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will listen to your needs and turn them into quality results.
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Available Services

  • Engineering/Drafting Design
  • Vendor Development
  • Procurement Assistance
  • New Product Development
  • On-site Quality Inspection
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Logistics Service
  • Locate any Product/Service

Our Trusted Partners

Sunstream Energy is a pioneer in developing solar panels for Mobile applications namely Cell phone charging, Outdoor recreational devices, lanterns, and other low voltage (up to 48V DC) Electronic Devices. The patented chip less technology of Sunstream energy enables solar panels to extract energy directly from the sun Energy without any electronic chips interface.

Visit SunStream Energy Inc, USA for more details of the Sunstream Products and online purchase.