Advance Renewable Energy Solutions


Offering a spectrum of innovative solutions, including custom-designed Solar Trees, Solar Agri-voltaic farms, and Solar System Protection Control panels. We specialize in installing On-Grid and Battery backup Commercial and Industrial Solar systems. Our range of associated energy efficiency products empowers customers to slash electrical bills and lessen reliance on utility grid energy, paving the way for a cleaner, brighter tomorrow.

Our Core Strength

Our expert Engineering Team excels in designing, testing, and operating Transformers, renewable energy systems, and substations. We ensure top reliability and quality with advanced simulation tools and a rigorous Supplier assessment program. All products come with a 3-year warranty, and our Engineers provide 24/7 technical support via video conferencing.



Secured the First Prize at the Virginia Gauntlet Business Competition as an emerging renewable energy company.


Formed a partnership with Virginia Tech to conduct research and development in the field of clean energy technology.


Undertook the design and installation of commercial solar projects in Virginia and North Carolina, encompassing rooftop solar, solar trees, and carports.


Provided renewable energy power system engineering and electrical contracting services.


Offered installation services for EV charging stations and providing testing and field support services for solar farms.

Choose Advance Energy for Future-Ready Solutions

Advance Energy leads in innovation, enhancing grid resilience through predictive analysis. Our advanced control panels for Solar and Wind farms use IoT technology for efficient monitoring and management. We specialize in integrating Energy Storage Systems, providing flexibility and efficiency in renewable energy. Trust us for a sustainable, resilient energy future.

Commercial Solar