Advance Renewable Energy Solutions

Advance Energy custom design & manufactures Solar Trees, Solar Agri-voltaic farms, Solar System Protection Control panels, and Install On-Grid/Battery backup Residential, Commercial, Industrial Solar systems. Associated Energy efficiency products will allow customers to reduce electrical bills and minimize their dependence on utility grid energy while building a cleaner, brighter tomorrow.

Our Core Strength

  • Our Engineering Team has vast experience in design, testing, and operation of Transformers, renewable energy Systems, and substations with high standards for reliability and quality. 
  • Our Engineering analytical tools enables us to validate the electrostatic, electromagnetic, and the mechanical structural integrity of the products through simulation.
  • Our Supplier assessment program assures the best quality & the long reliability of our approved suppliers.
  • All our products come with 3 years warranty.
  • Our Engineers are available 24/7 to provide technical support through Video conferencing.

Why Advance Energy?

  • To enhance Grid resilience and reliability by predicting Premature product failures.
  • Next generation control panels for Solar and Wind farms with “state of the art”  IOT technology.
  • Integration of Energy Storage Systems
  • To increase Renewable Energy System Flexibility.

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