EV Charging LV Control Panels

EV Charging: Mastering the Power with Low Voltage Control Panels

The heart of any successful EV charging station lies in its low voltage (LV) control panel. This unsung hero ensures the safe and efficient flow of electricity, making the charging experience seamless for both driver and operator.

What does an LV control panel do?

  • Manages power: It monitors and regulates the incoming AC power, ensuring safe voltage and current levels for charging.
  • Protects the circuit: Built-in safety features like overload and ground fault protection safeguard the entire system from electrical hazards.
  • Connects to the grid: The panel communicates with the grid operator, authorizing charging sessions and enabling billing functionalities.
  • Provides user interface: Some panels offer displays or interfaces for users to monitor charging progress, view charging costs, and even access payment options.


Why choose our LV control panels?

  • Durability and reliability: We use high-quality components and robust designs to ensure our panels withstand the elements and deliver long-lasting performance.
  • Advanced features: Our panels incorporate cutting-edge technology, including smart energy management, remote monitoring, and even integration with charging station management software.
  • Customization options: We offer a range of options to suit your specific needs, from basic panels for residential charging to feature-rich models for commercial stations.
  • Safety compliance: All our panels meet the highest international safety standards for EV charging equipment.

Investing in the right LV control panel is crucial for the success of your EV charging station. Choose quality, choose reliability, choose us!