Roof-top Solar System

Residential Rooftop Solar

When it comes to residential rooftop solar for your home or business, one size does not fit all, and not all solar products are the same. Let Advance energy help you to learn about various solar options – on-grid, off-grid, hybrid battery back up, power wall, panel options, micro-inverters, string-inverters, optimizers, monitoring systems, panel upgrades, and energy-saving options.

Our Solar Associates will meet you at your convenient time to analyze your electricity use and help in available energy-saving options, selection of Solar energy systems, tax credits, and low-interest zero down Financing options available to save on your Electricity Bill.

Solar Panel Installation Process

The solar panel installation process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months depending on the responsiveness and requirements of your local permitting office, building inspectors, and utility providers.

Step 1

USA Solar Networks creates a custom panel layout for you based on an assessment of your roof.

Step 2

Our licensed contractors then submit our plans to your local jurisdiction for approval.

Step 3

While the contractors wait, we work with your utility company to get your Net Meter installed.

Step 4

They also work with you to get approval from your Homeowners Association if necessary.

Step 5

When we’ve gotten the green light from everyone we need to, the panels are installed on your roof.

Step 6

Your solar panels are operational as soon as we get “PTO” (Permission to operate) from your utility company after your net meter has been installed. That’s it!

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